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Los Angeles, CA – June 23, 2016 — Secure Now! President/CEO Art Gross will soon appear on the award-winning, global TV show, Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®. Gross will share his expertise in the small and mid-sized business security market.

Secure Now! is a Morristown, New Jersey-based security company. Its goal is to help clients identify their risks of a data breach, and then to help those clients lower their chances of dealing with a breach.

Gross will discuss how Secure Now! was created. He explains that, in 2010, it began simply as a HIPAA Secure Now! service, which focused solely on medical practices. HIPAA Secure Now! helped these practices protect sensitive patient information and comply with HIPAA regulations. In 2014, Secure Now! branched out and began operating in the legal and financial service industries as well. Secure Now! helped these companies protect themselves and their data.

Gross says that data protection is more important now than ever before. He explains, “Since 2005, there have been almost one trillion records breached. Criminals realize that many businesses are ill-prepared to defend against sophisticated attacks. Businesses need to take steps to identify their weaknesses, implement additional security to address those weaknesses and prepare to respond and survive if a data breach does occur.”

Today, Secure Now! helps 3,000 customers in all 50 states ensure that their data is protected and secure.

JL Haber, Vice President of Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, is thrilled to feature Secure Now! He says, “Secure Now! offers an amazing suite of data security products and services unlike any other company. This has helped Secure Now! become recognized as a leader in the security world. We couldn’t be more proud to feature Secure Now! on our show.”

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