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Ralph Lewis, Telecom Specialist, has been in data and voice communications for over (16) years.  He has worked for Bell, phone system vendors, internet service providers – designing improved data and voice inter-office solutions.

What We Offer

Prior to devoting his full time efforts to consulting for his clients, Mr. Lewis was a Sales Engineer for the last (7) years.  He has designed point-to-point, frame relay, IP, VPN, and VoIP networks.

Our Clients

Clients Ralph Lewis, Telecom Specialist has helped include:

Vaughn Construction – a (40) location construction company

Redi-Carpet – a (9) location carpet sales and installation company

Calloway House – voice and Internet based call center

Goldstein Furniture – a (5) location/2-state furniture store

Hill Rivkins & Hayden LLP – a multi-location law firm

Texas Messaging – national answering service

Champion Window – a multi-location window manufacturing company

Harris Savings Bank/Waypoint (Sovereign) – (40+) branch bank now owned by Sovereign

Results for these Clients:

Renegotiated contract for PRI with current provider – reduced costs by over 55% (without changing anything)

Reduced point to point T1 service from $825 to $360 per month

Eliminated a $700 LD cost (at one location)

Provided service for $475.  Client had (3) other quotes – lowest was $900

Converted a frame-relay network to IP VPN with firewall.  Saved over $2,000 monthly

Project managed the installation of a new phone system including telecom & data conversion

Identified vendor’s misconfiguration of new VoIP system – before install


Executive Director, Techxans

Houston Business Cabinet

Services Cooperative Association


Traditional Voice

Business Lines

Long Distance



SIP Termination

SIP Trunks

Dynamic/Integrated T1

Voice T1/PRI Service

Unified Communications

Wireless Expense Management

MPLS Networks

Disaster Recovery

Data Backup

Internet T1

Ethernet Internet Access

Metro Ethernet Networks


Point to Point

Wireless Handset Management

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