Healthcare Industry End of Year Checklist

Let’s wrap up 2022 with some end-of-year tasks you’ll want to check off of your list if you’re in the business of healthcare! Training Program HIPAA compliance requires a training program.  This means ensuring that your existing staff has completed their training annually and making sure that any new hires have been trained as well. […]

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Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

AI in Healthcare Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is increasingly used in healthcare.  This can be seen in the form of machine learning which assists in detecting patterns, diseases, learning technologies, and more options to assist with patient care. Though not a failsafe, it can offset the risk of medical errors and allow for treatment that […]

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HIPAA & Tracking Technologies

HIPAA & Tracking Technologies Tracking technologies such as Google Analytics and Meta Pixel are designed to collect and analyze user data for online activity.  The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently issued a notification regarding these and the obligation to HIPAA from the covered entities […]

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End of Year SRA

A security risk assessment must be conducted to maintain HIPAA compliance per the Security Rule.  A security risk assessment is also referred to as an SRA.  It is a requirement for government plans such as Medicare, Obamacare, and Medicaid.  It is also required for individual health care plans and employer-sponsored plans. Where to Start Identify […]

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Health Insurance Scams

The annual open enrollment period for healthcare insurance provides another opportunity for scammers to take advantage of. From gathering personal information to receiving payments for non-existent plans, criminals will try nearly anything to score. The signs of a scam aren’t always easy to spot. Here are some of the tactics that consumers should be on […]

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Amazon In Healthcare

Amazon has launched its latest venture in healthcare with Amazon Clinic. This virtual care platform will provide services and support for nonurgent health and lifestyle needs.  This was created with the goal of providing users with easy access to care that allows them to “skip the waiting room.” Treatments This virtual healthcare service will provide […]

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Administrative Simplification Provisions of HIPAA

The HIPAA Administrative Simplification provisions are in place to provide consistency in electronic communications within healthcare for Protected Health Information (PHI).  These mandate the usage of standard transactions, code sets, and identifiers for the United States healthcare system. Who Must Comply? The most common organizations which must comply are healthcare clearinghouses, healthcare providers, and health […]

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Asset Management Program

Having an asset management plan is essential to your healthcare business.  Similar to how you’d want a list of your household items for insurance coverage in the event of theft or loss, you need to know the details and access them quickly. Especially if an item goes missing or breaks.  It is likely that your […]

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Security Incident Guideline Reminder

The HIPAA Security Rule includes requirements for a security incident response plan that are important to know especially as the number of reported data breaches continues to rise. The Data Check Point Research provided a mid-year report on cyber attack trends that indicated a 69% increase in targeted healthcare data breaches between 2021 and 2022.  […]

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Cybersecurity: Physical Devices

As we wrap up National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we’re going to take a look at the importance of protecting your physical devices.  The panic that sets in when you misplace your phone or laptop is overwhelming.  But that feeling is amplified if that device contains patient information or access to it. When we mention your […]

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