HIVE Alert

The Cybersecurity Program within the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) came out this week with a strong warning for healthcare organizations about an “exceptionally aggressive” ransomware group that is targeting them.

The Hive ransomware group is financially motivated and uses various methods to target organizations including phishing and attacking remote access/VPNs. They encrypt and steal data and then threaten to release the data if their ransom is not paid.

If you are a healthcare organization or support healthcare organizations this is something that should be on your radar.

“In its analyst note, HC3 recommended that healthcare organizations take precautions as with other ransomware threats by using two-factor authentication with strong passwords—particularly for remote access services such as VPNs—and sufficiently backing up data, especially the most critical, sensitive, and operationally necessary data.”

If you or anyone in the healthcare industry needs assistance in strengthening their cybersecurity posture as well as identifying any gaps within their existing structures, HIPAA Secure Now can help!

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