Human Error

October. That time of year when we have pumpkin spice everything and when tricks, treats, and terrors are given front-page billing.  And for some people, it is the ideal time to binge-watch scary movies on repeat.  We stare at the screen with one eye open, begging the main characters not to go into the woods, shed, or another obviously dangerous area…but they never listen to our pleas from the couch, do they?  One bad decision by one person, and now suddenly the entire group is threatened.

Cybersecurity is pretty much the same thing.  We know what we should do, but too often, we think we know better and forge ahead, even if it is with caution.  We click, we browse, and we respond, often with confidence in our actions.  Actions that far too often can lead down a dangerous path for not just us, but the group as a whole.  One person, one click, and an entire company or business are now exposed and at risk.

The Dark Web Is Real

You know the story, you’ve seen it before, you’ve watched the news: Healthcare is a target for cybercrime.  Yet human error continues to be one of the main threats to cyber safety.  We always think we know better or that it isn’t going to happen to us.  But why not you?  Your actions as an individual at home and at the office can affect your coworkers and your company.   Those tests that you take on social media to pick your favorite animal or the city that you should live in… are merely ways of collecting data on you and answers that might contribute to accessing your credentials in another way.  The Dark Web is real. And it is where your credentials, social media ‘answers’, and other information are stored if they fall into the wrong hands.  And when a hacker wants to buy information to conduct a breach, they have a menu of data to choose from – some of which you may have served up on a silver platter.

HIPAA Secure Now can help you to shine a light in these dark areas to see where you might have security gaps that aren’t necessarily visible and to not only tighten your security posture but also ensure that you are maintaining HIPAA compliance. We’ll even monitor the dark web for your employee credentials to ensure that if their information ends up there, you’re notified immediately and your employee can take action before it leads to detrimental consequences for your business.

Don’t let this month be frightening when it comes to cybersecurity and let us guide you away from the terrors that lurk in the unknown!  And be sure to follow along as we wrap up our 31 days of cybersecurity tips throughout October on our LinkedIn and Facebook pages for quick and easy-to-understand ways that you can improve your cybersecurity year-round!


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