long term effectsAccessibility is Here to Stay

Health Information Technology (Health IT) is an always evolving realm, with new tools coming to market as fast as we can master the old ones. With the advancement of technology comes a need for new software and security to maintain these systems.

This past year has been one example of the ongoing shift in Health IT with a rapid transition into more remote solutions, from telehealth visits to office workers that need to work from home. With that comes an expanded digital footprint not just for patients, but for the entire industry. Remote access can no longer be regarded as merely a convenience or a “nice to have” option. These days, the need for accessibility can truly mean a matter of life or death.

In the Cloud

The Electronic Health Records (EHRs) that keep patients and providers connected in these remote scenarios are integral to the success of telehealth. As we modernize the methods used to keep up with demand and technology, we need to ensure that we are adhering to HIPAA regulations and protecting the data our communities entrust with us.

To keep up, providers are looking for cloud-based solutions. Now, information can be accessed from anywhere at the click of a button. But accessibility doesn’t stop with you and me, it extends to bad actors too. It’s pertinent to protect these many access points to patient data, or else they become an opportunity to be exploited by criminals. So along with ensuring we are following HIPAA, we must equally address the rise in threats that comes along with the rise of accessibility.

No Time for No

Healthcare doesn’t always allow for time to ponder a decision or say no to a possible solution. Decisions are made on the fly to save the patient, not necessarily stay compliant with HIPAA or to make smart cybersecurity decisions. But the realm is always evolving. Access will grow, technology will soar, and lives will be better for it, but you’ll also be more at-risk.

The decisions you make today set a strong foundation for a long, strong road ahead. HIPAA rules and regulations may seem to fall behind, but they always catch up when it means the most. Don’t wait until it’s too late to start thinking about your security and compliance. Having a strong security awareness and HIPAA training program in place is just one way you can offset the increase in risks that your staff is facing. We can help you build a superhuman firewall in minutes, so let’s talk today!

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