The recent attack on the Colonial Pipeline has (hopefully) reawakened any slumbering notion that cybersecurity isn’t everyone’s problem.  Not sure what we mean?  To recap at a high level, a cybercrime group identified as DarkSide hacked Colonial Pipeline’s infrastructure.  As a result, the company acknowledged that they were the “victim of a cybersecurity attack” that involved ransomware and that they were shutting down the pipeline on their own accord as a precaution.  This was done to assess whether or not the hack had put other parts or processes at risk for attack. 

You may be thinking, “Another hack, big deal…so I won’t drive for a while or until gas prices go down”.

This isn’t just a fuel and energy problem.  This emphasizes the importance of a strong cybersecurity stance for ALL INDUSTRIES.  Why? What if there wasn’t enough gas to get a victim to the hospital, or to run the ambulance that was needed to save a life?  What if the traffic caused by the lines at the gas station wreaked havoc in a different way with the stress that it brings on? Many of us are already at our tipping point emotionally, and what if this was the last straw that puts someone over the edge? That sounds a lot like a healthcare problem.

While the hackers “apologized” for what they did, and indicated it was merely based on the desire to get money, the point is that regardless of the targeted victim or industry, we are all affected in one way or another.  Strong cybersecurity is not an add-on to your healthcare business model.  It must be an integrated part that is considered of the utmost priority.  HIPAA compliance is not cybersecurity.  We realize that this can seem like another item that you’ll eventually get to, but that has to change.  And assigning a lead in the office is important, but it doesn’t have to be the entire solution.  HIPAA Secure Now can help with both compliance and cybersecurity. You can learn more about our ongoing solutions that help train your team on how to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals, here.





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