If you go back in time, to 2004, and look at Facebook it looks a lot different than it does today. The same can be said for applications like Microsoft Word or Excel. As these services or products mature they evolve – offering improved functionality, performance, stability and features.

New HSN HIPAA Training

Like Facebook and Microsoft Office, HIPAA Secure Now! has been evolving our service as well. Last year we released our new HIPAA Compliance Portal. We have received lots of very good feedback on the new Compliance Portal. We are committed to continuing to add features and functionality to the Compliance Portal.

We are excited to announce that HSN has recently updated our training platform. HIPAA training, just like the rest of the HSN service has been steadily evolving. Having trained over 30,000 individuals, we know it is important to keep evolving our training. Our training started off as just text with some images. We began adding videos to the training to make it more engaging. Now we have taken the next step and have added full multi-media to our training. The training now features text, video, animation and interactive quizzes that make the training even more engaging than before.

New Training

New Topics

We have added more topics to the training as well. We focus on new threats that employees need to be aware of such as phishing scams and ransomware. Our training has an in-depth look at phishing and shows employees how to spot phishing attempts. Employees go through a phishing quiz where they need to identify if an email or website is legitimate or if it is a phishing attempt. We also focus on ransomware, training employees on how to spot and avoid ransomware attacks.

Make Training Fun

Let’s face it, most employees dread taking HIPAA training because they think it will be dull and boring. HIPAA is NOT the most exciting topic for employees. We keep this in mind as we make improvements to our training platform. We have the goal to make our HIPAA training interesting, engaging and even fun (or as fun as HIPAA training can be!). And this is just the next step. We have much bigger plans to keep evolving the training.

If you had your employees go through the HIPAA training last year, have them take the new training. All of the HSN accounts have been updated with the new platform and training classes. Try it out and let us know your feedback.

And if you aren’t a HSN client, sign-up and try our HIPAA training. The training is free for 14 days so you should be able to get a very good idea if it is right for your organization. We have training for covered entities as well as business associates. So go ahead, you may just learn something and enjoy yourself in the process!

Free HIPAA Security Training!

All Covered Entities and Business Associates need to train their employees on HIPAA security. We now offer free online HIPAA security training for Covered Entities and Business Associates. Find out more about our free training and send the information to ALL your colleagues and Business Associates.

Click below to watch a short video on our free HIPAA security training!

Now it is easy to train your employees on protecting patient information!

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