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You walk into your healthcare provider’s office and are usually handed a clipboard with papers that need to be filled out, updated, and wrapped up with your signature. We mindlessly take our task to the nearest seat and complete, sign, initial, and update whatever we’ve been given. This information goes into our file and continues …

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Statistically Speaking

Three universities recently conducted a joint study of participants that aimed to explore their likelihood of being monetarily incentivized to violate HIPAA regulations. The pilot study involved medical residents or individuals in an executive MBA program, with some of those participants already in health care executive roles.  Of the 64 medical students and 32 executive …

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Caught Off Guard

The term “new normal” is something I think we would all enjoy hearing less of at this point.  We’re at a point where this is how we are going to be operating and we need to pause, assess what happened, where we are, and how we move forward. As we reflect back, we know first …

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Physical Theft of PHI

How many unexpected and unforeseen circumstances can 2020 present us with? Each month we think that we’ve likely seen it all, considered it all, and readied ourselves for whatever comes our way. This year has provided us with plenty to panic over, and many things that we never thought we’d face. Take for example the …

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Wish You Were Here!

It’s always nice to get a postcard from friends or family who are away on vacation. But this week we learned of a new kind of postcard being sent out with not-so-well wishes. The Department of Health & Human Services’ (HHS) Office for Civil Rights (OCR) sent out a warning that fraudulent postcards are being …

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Million Dollar Laptop

Was it made of gold? Encrusted in diamonds? No. Read on to learn how one laptop ended up being worth a massive one million dollars. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently closed an investigation into Lifespan Health System Affiliated Covered Entity for a stolen laptop incident reported back in 2017. That …

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COVID-19 Crime

For every moment in time, there is an opportunity to create good from it, and likewise, to create bad or negative reactions. COVID-19 has given us both. While of course, we wouldn’t wish it to happen again, we have seen people come together, new businesses arise, and an overall re-evaluation of our priorities. Then there’s …

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Smart Telehealth Practices

COVID-19 has ushered in the mass acceptance of telehealth, with so much optimism and excitement around the technology. But like many new technologies, the initial use is rushed and not well thought out with many providers trying to figure out the right technology, best practices, and optimal patient experience. We have seen temporary waivers to …

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Mask Mandate

Mask Mandate Whatever your opinion is of wearing, or not wearing a mask, there are in increasing number of mandates being put in place by governments or independent establishments in an effort to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.  This mask mandate means that most people over a certain age need to have their face covered, …

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Limitless Liability

A year of credit monitoring along with identity theft monitoring services. That’s what most of us settle for when we find out that our personal data has been compromised. We are alerted, we change our password, we read the letter that offers these services and may or may not sign up for them. Some individuals …

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