Long Term Effects

Accessibility is Here to Stay Health Information Technology (Health IT) is an always evolving realm, with new tools coming to market as fast as we can master the old ones. With the advancement of technology comes a need for new software and security to maintain these systems. This past year has been one example of […]

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Remember When

There was a time when you would walk into any doctor’s office and the sliding walls or file cabinets of patient folders seemed endless.  Guarded like vaults, all the information safely under lock and key.  And in addition to patient data, there is employee data, which likely contained personal and banking records.  The “really” important […]

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What Is a HIPAA Entity?

It’s easy to find a news story with someone misappropriating what HIPAA is, what it means, and what it does.  Most people incorrectly assume how it protects their health records and information from ‘the world at large’.  It does protect private health information, and it was created to allow for easy access to one’s health […]

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Cyberattack Cost to Healthcare

Bigger business, bigger problems, right?  Not necessarily true when it comes to the cost of a cyberattack within the healthcare industry. A recently published survey brings unexpected results when it comes to comparing large and medium-sized businesses.  Surprisingly, medium-sized businesses are hit with cyberattack costs that are nearly 4x that of their larger counterparts at […]

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Electronic Health Records & The Security Rule

Patient care in a digital age means that most information is stored electronically.  These records, known as electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI), are collected as electronic health records (EHR) and then stored in a variety of systems.  With the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in mind, how do you maintain security around the […]

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Healthcare & Ransomware

As healthcare continues to be a prime target for cybercriminals, understanding what is happening as an employee is equally, if not more, important than just being aware of the risk.  Having insight into how the attack can play out will help you understand the threat and the outcome if a hack occurs. Ransomware is one […]

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Why Do Hackers Love Healthcare?

Cybercrime.  It has become a regular part of the conversation around healthcare.   We are regularly presented with the stats, and we know that the risk is greater for our businesses when it comes to cybercriminal activity.  WHY is that the case?  While some factors may seem obvious, let’s look at some of the other issues […]

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No Vacation for HIPAA

This summer many of us are taking long overdue vacations that were put on hold or delayed because of the pandemic.  As healthcare workers, you are certainly due time off – especially after the brunt of COVID-19 was dealt with by your industry. While you’re checking out and hoping that you won’t have to check […]

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HIPAA & 18-Year-Old Patients

  As a parent, you might recall the first time that the doctor asked you to leave the room because your “baby is now a teenager” (ugh, cry, sigh…. joy?) and they have a few questions for them that they would like to conduct one-on-one and in private.  Suddenly your brain races, ‘what do they […]

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